Privacy Policy respects the privacy of its users personal information and data and will ensure their staffs compliance with the strictest security and confidentiality standards regarding all personal information and data submitted by users through the Site and will not, subjected to the provisions in the this Privacy Statement, provides that information to anyone without prior permission from (the users of the linked Site (whether registered or not) ("(the) Users").

It is strongly recommended for Users to read this privacy statement ("Privacy Statement") carefully to understand GTalent.asias policies and practices related to the treatment of personal information and data provided by Users on the Site. This Privacy Statement applies to both registered and unregistered Users, and the provisions in this Privacy Statement may undergo updates, revisions, variations and / or changes from time to time as may be deemed necessary and / or appropriate by

By registering on or by using a service / Site, or by pressing the "Register" button, Users:


grants permission to and / or group companies to collect, use, disclose and / or process Users personal data for the purposes as described below;


grants permission to and / or group companies to disclose the personal data of Users to providers or third party service agents of and / or group companies (either inside or outside Indonesia) for the purposes as described below.

If Users have questions or concerns about this Privacy Statement, they are welcome to contact the Customer Service Assistant from the Customer Service Department, whose contact details are listed in the section titled "Questions" below.

In this Privacy Statement, the following terms have the specific meanings mentioned below below unless the context requires another:

"(The) Advertisers" are users who place job advertisements or who promote any work-related activities through the Site.
"" is PT. Global Talent Technology.
"(The) Job Seekers" are users who are looking for work.
"Registered Users" are Users who register on the Site to obtain services offered by Unless the context specifies otherwise, references to "users" or "you" in this Privacy Statement include references to public users and Registered Users.
"Site" means any website, job portal or mobile application owned and managed by and its affiliates / subsidiaries or service providers.

The Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Data

While using the Site, Users may disclose or be asked to provide personal information and / or data. To benefit from and to enjoy the various services offered by the Site, Users may need to provide their personal information and / or data to Although Users are not required to provide information and / or data as requested on the Site, will not be able to provide certain services on the Site if the users do not do so.

The purpose of in collecting and using information and data on the Site includes but is not limited to the following:


for daily operational activities of services provided to Users;


to help Job Seekers find jobs that are suitable for Employers and to help Employers assess the suitability of job vacancies for a broad spectrum of jobs and industries;


provide Users with various services offered by the Site and newsletters, job openings and promotional and marketing materials (for further details, please refer to the section titled "Subscription Newsletters / Promotional Materials / Marketing Materials" below)


to handle and follow up on questions, requests and complaints from Users;


to contact Users regarding administrative and communication notices related to the Users use of the Site and to respond to questions or requests from Users;


to assist in development for future marketing and promotion or other internal purposes;


to verify the identity of Users who have placed advertisements, material, statements, messages, opinions or comments or other information (collectively referred to as "Information") on the Site;


to identify Users who have seen the information posted on the Site;


to allow Users to enjoy the benefits received by them as members of the Site by registering themselves for special events and promotions organized by and / or its affiliates and / or their partner companies;


to identify Users who have obtained their benefits as members of the Site by accepting and using marketing promotional materials;¬


to facilitate and / or its affiliates in using the personal data of Users for purposes related to the provision of services provided by and marketing services and / or special events from and / or its affiliates;


to obtain statistical data about Users to analyze the use of the Site in order to help further develop the Site; and


for purposes other than the things mentioned above, related to the provision of products and / or services by and / or its affiliates.

/ If the User is under 18 years of age, strongly recommends that the User request prior permission from the person who has parental responsibility for the User, for example, a parent or guardian, who can contact the person in charge from, whose contact details are listed in the section titled "Questions" to register Users as members of the Site. only strives to collect necessary and adequate personal data, but is not excessive in relation to the objectives listed in the above-mentioned matters.

If needs to use your personal data for purposes other than the things listed above, we will ask for your predetermined permission to do so. If you are a minor, the predetermined permission must be given by your parents or guardian.

The Collection of Personal Data may collect information and / or personal data about a User such as the users name, log-in ID and password, address, e-mail address, telephone number, age, gender, date of birth, country of residence, nationality, a level of education and work experience that is otherwise unavailable to the public. At any time, may also collect additional personal information and / or data from Users in connection with contests, surveys or special offers.

Only staff will be authorized to access personal information and data from Users, and will not provide such personal information and data to any third parties except and except under the circumstances stated in the section titled "Disclosure or Data Transfer" below.

The Disclosure or Data Transfer agrees to take all doable and reasonable steps to keep all users personal information and data confidential and / or not disclosed, subject to the following.

In general, will only disclose and / or transfer the personal information and / or data of Users to personnel and staff for the purpose of providing services to Users and customers in the form of companies that make special requests for information and / or such data with prior permission from Users. However, may disclose and / or transfer the information and / or data to third parties in the following circumstances:


if information and / or data is disclosed and / or transferred to suppliers or third party service providers who have been given the appropriate authority by to use the information and / or data and which will facilitate services on the Site, with an obligation to maintain confidentiality;


if information and / or data is disclosed and / or transferred to agents, affiliates or partners of who have been given the appropriate authority by to use the information and / or data;


if permitted under “Terms and Conditions” including “Talent Search Terms and Conditions” (see the Profile Section below);


if needs to protect and defend its rights and properties;


if considers it necessary to do so to comply with applicable laws and regulations, including without limitation as requested by government agencies or agencies and compliance with judicial proceedings, court orders, or legal processes imposed on the Site;


if considers it necessary to submit the products and services that we offer and process a positive user experience; and


if considers it necessary to maintain and or improve services on the Site.

Personal data collected through the Site can be transferred, stored and processed in any country where or every member of the Group operates. By using the Site, Users are deemed to have agreed to, authorized and gave authority to to disclose and / or transfer their personal information and data in the circumstances stated above, as well as for any transfer of information (including Information) outside the Users country . Advertisers and Online Applications

Creating an online application for job advertisements on the Site is a free and optional service that requires users to fill in mandatory fields (for example first name, last name, telephone number and email address) so Advertisers can identify and contact applicants. When you submit a job application on the Site application, including attachments and cover letters:

  • be forwarded directly to the advertiser and / or the designated representative; and / or
  • stored in the Recruitment Center on behalf of the Advertiser Recruitment Center allows Advertisers to be able to easily and effectively manage their recruitment process through a central facility provided by

By applying for a job position advertised on the Site, you request that provide the information you provide to the relevant Advertiser and / or his designated representative. Every question you have is related to the job position advertised on, your online application and / or your application status must be shown directly to the Advertiser or the agent he designates, not

Any Personal Information stored by as part of your application will only be used in accordance with this Privacy Statement. The use of your information (personal or otherwise) by the Advertiser is not under the control of and if you have questions about how the Advertiser uses your personal information or wish to request access to any personal information that you have sent as part of the application or which has been provided to them as part of the Profile (as explained below), you have the right to contact the Advertiser directly. Profile provides the option to create a personal Profile (" Profile") to all Registered Users. The profile can include curriculum vitae, employment and education history, contact details, expected salary, and preferred job classification and location. Advertisers approved by can search the Profile database to find and contact relevant candidates. provides Registered Users with a number of privacy options regarding access granted by to Advertisers related to their Profile and Registered Users can choose how much part of their profile they wish to share (if any) with Advertisers based on the following privacy settings:

    If you place your Profile to standard, then your Profile, except for curriculum vitae and contact details, can be seen by Advertisers who are looking for the Profile database. Related content from your curriculum vitae attached to your profile such as staffing roles, description of responsibilities and assignments, and educational history including schools, fields and duration of study, can also be scanned by and forwarded to Advertisers in the Profiles database. Additionally, if the Advertiser wants to buy access to your Profile, your full-time job Profile including curriculum vitae and contact details must be emailed immediately to the relevant Advertiser. Advertisers can also choose to send you a copy of the job opportunities recruited for that purpose, (using the "invitations to apply for jobs" invitation.
    If you set your Profile to be limited, your Profile, except for your resume and contact details, can be seen by Advertisers looking for the Profile database and Advertisers can choose to send you a copy of the opportunity employment where they are hiring for the job, (using the "invitation to apply" function). However, due to your privacy settings, Advertisers cannot purchase access to your profile.
    If you set your Profile to be hidden, your Profile is entirely hidden (thus preventing Advertisers from seeing your Profile). Your profile will be stored in the Profile area on the Site and you can change your privacy settings at any time. Advertisers cannot buy your profile or send you employment opportunities.

Advertisers who use the invitation function to apply for a job will only receive access to your contact information if you respond directly to a work invitation sent to you.

If your profile has been purchased by an Advertiser, you have replied to a work invitation sent by an Advertiser or you have applied for a job directly on the Site using your profile, the Advertiser will have access to your current profile, including your contact details (as updated by you from time to time) for a period of one year after the end of the Advertisers advertisements package with (maximum 24 months) ("Participating Advertisers"). However, if during the period during which a Participating Advertiser has access to your current profile, you then change your profile settings to Hidden, Advertisers will no longer be able to see your profile, however, Participating Advertisers will still be able to access your profile (including your name), but will no longer be able to see your e-mail address, contact telephone number and your work history.

All information provided when creating the Profile (including your name, curriculum vitae, e-mail address, telephone number, employment history and education) can be used by for the purpose of increasing placement opportunities for you or to customize products certain for you.

If you create the Profile on the Site and choose a Standard or Restricted privacy setting, you allow your profile to be seen and / or accessed by Advertisers who use the website of any member of the Group, which can cause your personal data is transferred from Indonesia to other countries where other Grub members operate.

Registered Users can modify their Profile, their life history or modify privacy options related to their Profile at any time, by entering the Profile area on the Site.

You can also choose to delete your Profile entirely. However, the deleted Profile can still be saved by in the test or backup system for a period of time. maintains the right to at any time disable or delete a Profile at its sole discretion.

Advertisers who place job advertisements on, and who buy Profiles are requested by to comply with all relevant laws and regulations relating to the use and disclosure of personal information. The use of your information (personal or otherwise) by the Advertisers is not under the control of and we cannot accept responsibility for the actions of these companies.


Keep a list of your CVs

Registered Users can choose to store up to 10 curriculum vitae in their account, and use the curriculum vitae when applying for a job.

In order to provide advertisers with the most appropriate information about you (and depending on the privacy settings of your Profile), the main curriculum vitae attached to your jobDB Profile will also be scanned by and the appropriate content may be displayed to advertisers in the advertiser database. If you dont want content from your curriculum vitae to be displayed to advertisers, dont attach a curriculum vitae or dont choose "Standard" Privacy. For more information on how your curriculum vitae will be used, see the heading " Profile" above.

Subscribe to Newsletters / Promotional Materials / Marketing Materials and its affiliates may from time to time send newsletters, job postings and marketing material to members and Site Users based on the information and personal data they have provided to can use User data in direct marketing and requires Users permission (which includes indications of no objections) for that purpose. In connection with this, please note that:


log-in name, ID and password, contact details, age, gender, date of birth, country of residence, nationality, level of education and work experience of the Users stored by from time to time may be used by and / or personnel or staff who are given authority in direct marketing;


the following are classes of services, products and subjects that can be marketed:


travel related products and services;


job search and agency services offered in addition to;


various courses and programs for Users looking for work and career opportunities;


special events organized by and its affiliates for members and Users, including but not limited to courses, workshops and competitions;


rewards, loyalty or privileges programs and related products and services;


special offers including coupons, discounts, group purchase offers and promotional campaigns;


products and services offered by affiliates and advertisers of (names of affiliates and advertisers can be found in the application form (s) for the relevant products and services, according to circumstances);


donations and contributions for charitable and / or non-profit purposes;¬


the products, services and subjects mentioned above can be provided or (in the case of donations and contributions) requested by and / or;

i. affiliates;


third party service providers providing products, services and subjects listed in paragraph (b) above; and


charity or non-profit organizations;


In addition to marketing the services, products, and subjects mentioned above, also intends to provide the data described in paragraph (a) above to all or every person described in paragraph (c) above for their use in marketing these services, products and subjects, and require the written permission of Users (including indications of no objections) for the purpose; and

(e) may receive money or other property in return for providing such data to others in paragraph (d) above and, when requesting written permission from Users as described in paragraph (d) above, will notify to Users if receives any money or other property in return for providing such data to others.

In this case, Users can choose to sign up or not subscribe to the material by going to the user account registration or maintenance webpage, or by clicking on the automatic link listed on each newsletter / message or by contacting the GTalent Customer Service Assistant .asia, whose contact details are listed in the section titled "Questions".

Access to or requests for data correction

Each User has the right to request access to or make changes to their own personal information and data stored by by contacting the Customer Service Assistant from the Customer Service Department whose contact details are listed in the section titled "Questions". Subject to the paragraph below, as an alternative, the User can at any time edit, change or delete their personal information and data by entering the "My" section of the Site.

If the User wishes to access or change their personal information and data, may request that User to provide personal details in order to verify the Users identity. Identity card numbers or passport numbers or company registration numbers cannot be changed unless the data is proven to be inaccurate. is obliged to respond to a Users request within 40 days of their request and will endeavor to do so whenever possible, however maintains the right to impose a reasonable fee on the User to do so.

Cookies dan Log Files does not collect any personally identifiable information from any User when they visit and browse the Site. When Users access the Site, only records their visits and does not collect their personal information or data. The site server software will also record domain name servers, addresses and browse pages visited by Users and store this information in "cookies", and collect and store information such as internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser types, referring / exit pages, operating system, date / time stamp, and clickstream data in log files. All of this is done without Users knowing that it is done.

Users can choose to accept or reject cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, however, if the Users want it, they can modify their browser settings to refuse cookies. However, Users must note that disabling cookies in the browser may prevent them from obtaining the full benefits of the Site. does not link information and data collected automatically in the ways mentioned above with personally identifiable information. usually uses the information and data collected automatically to estimate the number of visitors to the Site, estimate the popularity of various parts of the Site, track the movements of Users and the number of entries in promotional activities and special events of, measure traffic patterns of Users and administer the Site. The information and data collected automatically will not be disclosed unless and other than in accordance with the section titled "Disclosure or Data Transfer".

In addition, our third-party advertiser companies may place cookies on several pages of the Site visited by Users. These cookies are designed to collect information that cannot be personally identified in order to analyze the interests and searches of Users on our Site to help provide more relevant advertisements when Users visit our Site and other websites. Information that cannot be personally identified collected through these cookies can be shared with other third parties for the purpose of managing and targeting advertisements as well as for market research analysis.

Links to Other Websites

The site may provide links to other websites that are not owned or controlled by, or its affiliates. Information and personal data from Users can be collected at these other websites when Users visit the website and utilize the services provided therein. If and when Users decide to click on any adverts or hyperlinks on the Site that give Users access to other websites, protection of the information and personal data of Users deemed private and confidential can be revealed on the site the other website.

Unregistered Users who gain access to the Site through their accounts on online social networking tools (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Sina Weibo) are deemed to have agreed to the terms of this Privacy Statement, and the personal data of such Users given to These networking tools can be obtained by and can be used by and people authorized by inside and outside the Users countries for the purpose of providing services and marketing material to Users. and personnel authorized by it can obtain access to and use personal data obtained from these Users, subject to other provisions of this Privacy Statement.

This Privacy Statement only applies to the Site. Users are reminded that this Privacy Statement does not provide protection for the personal information and data of Users that may be revealed on websites other than the Site, and is not responsible for the privacy-related practices of these other websites. It is highly recommended for Users to view the privacy policies of these other websites before using them.

Testimonials posts User Testimonials on the Site, which may contain personally identifiable information such as the Users names. has obtained permission from Users to post their names and their testimonials before posting them.


Security of information and personal data of Users is important for will continue to strive to ensure that users personal information and data will be protected from unauthorized access. has carried out appropriate electronic and managerial actions to protect, protect and secure the personal information and data of Users.

All information and personal data provided by Users can only be accessed by personnel who are authorized by or third parties who are authorized by their party, and such personnel will be instructed to comply with the provisions of this Privacy Statement when accessing information and such personal data. Users can be sure that their personal information and data will only be stored for as long as necessary to achieve the purpose of the collection of personal information and data. Registered users must maintain their unique Username and Password while maintaining and keeping it confidential and not sharing these details with anyone. uses third party service providers to facilitate payment transactions electronically on the Site. follows generally accepted industry standards to protect the information and personal data submitted by Users to the Site, both during transmission and after the personal information and data is received by However, there is no method of sending over the Internet, or an electronic storage method, which is 100% safe. Therefore, although strives to protect the personal information and data of Users from unauthorized access, cannot guarantee absolute security over this matter.

The Storage of Personal Data

As soon as has obtained the users personal information and / or data, that information and / or data will be stored securely in the system for the period of time needed to achieve the purpose of collecting such data as listed in the section titled "Purpose of Collecting Personal Data ". Immediately after being registered, Users can terminate their membership on the Site by contacting the Customer Service Assistant from the Customer Service Department, whose contact details are listed in the section titled "Questions". can store Users personal information even after the User concerned closes his account if the safekeeping is reasonably necessary to comply with our legal obligations, comply with regulations, resolve disputes between Users, prevent fraud and abuse, or carry out this Privacy Statement and  Terms and Conditions.

Changes to this Privacy Statement maintains the right to at any time make updates, revisions, modifications or changes to this Privacy Statement as deemed necessary by, so it is highly recommended for Users to revisit this Privacy Statement repeatedly. If decides to make updates, revisions, modifications or changes to this Privacy Statement, will post these changes on this website and / or other places deemed appropriate by, so that Users will know what information is collected by, how uses it, and under what conditions, if any, discloses it.

If makes material changes to this Privacy Statement, will notify Users on this web page, by electronic mail, or by notification on the home page.

Changes to this Privacy Statement will take effect from the time posts the changes on this web page. The continued use of the Site and services on the Site by Users constitutes acceptance of changes to this Privacy Statement.

The Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

This Privacy Statement and any dispute or problem arising out of or related to the use of the Site is governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

Any disputes, controversies or claims arising out of or relating to this Privacy Statement including validity, invalidity, violation or termination, must be submitted to and resolved in a final manner through arbitration in accordance with BANI Rules - Indonesian National Arbitration Board in force at present and as applicable. can be changed with the rest of the contents of this Clause:


The place of arbitration is in Jakarta.¬


It consists of three arbitrators, one of whom is appointed by, the other arbitrator is appointed by the other disputing party (s) and the two arbitrators subsequently jointly appoint the third arbitrator who will become the Chair of the arbitrators board.


The language used in arbitration proceedings is English.

In the event of any violation of this Privacy Statement by a party, the arbitrators will be bound by strict legal rules in making their decisions and are not permitted to read the verdict on the basis of the principle of justice.

Putusan arbitrase yang dibuat dan dikeluarkan oleh (para) arbiter bersifat final, mengikat dan tidak dapat diganggu gugat serta dapat digunakan sebagai dasar putusan atas putusan tersebut di Republik Indonesia atau di mana pun.

The Languages

This statement is made and agreed in English which is the applicable language. As required by applicable laws and regulations, this Privacy Statement can be translated into other languages. If there is a discrepancy between the English version and another language version, what applies to the discrepancy is the English version and the other language version must be changed according to the English version to reflect the meaning of the English version. Users hereby promise that they have read this Privacy Statement and have understood its contents in English.


If you have questions regarding this Privacy Statement, please send an e-mail to [email protected], call +62816933112  or send us a letter at the following address:

PT. Global Talenta Teknologi

The Royal Palace Blok C no. 26

Jalan Prof. DR. Soepomo, Menteng Dalam, Tebet

South Jakarta 12870